Recycle Office Waste - Recycling and Skip Hire Stoke on Trent

Case Study: Skip Hire Stoke on Trent

skip hire stoke on trent

Stoke-on-Trent is one of the most popular areas in the UK for Skip hire services. The reason being that Stoke on Trent is an old industrial town, More commonly known as the potteries, which is undergoing a great deal of renovation and new house building. Building new houses on any large-scale, is bound to produce a great deal of voice as such there are a great number of skip hire stoke on trent companies in the area. Hiring a skip in itself isn’t a bad thing, however the type of waste that actually goes into the skips is working cause the problem for the environment and o companies alike.

The curious thing is, is that sending the minimum amount of waste to the landfill is actually beneficial to the skip a company who are collecting the waste. A skip hiring company has their fees based on the week of rubbish that they send to landfill, therefore if they can minimise the weight of the waste that they are getting rid of it means they have larger profit margins.

How skip hire Stoke on Trent Companies are beginning to recycle their waste

It is therefore comes down to the end user to minimise the rubbish that they actually put into skips. Skip Hier Stoke-on-Trent companies like Apex Skip Hire are ahead of the general trend in the UK, in the sense that they recycle a great deal of waste that the process. This doesn’t come cheaply however as rubbish processing plants and waste management centres often cast a great deal of money. Fortunately Skip hiring companies can share these facilities thereby minimising their cost.

When companies don’t recycle things like a bear office waste, they are often having a bigger impact than they may realise on the environment. This is because much of this waste goes to be incinerated which releases toxic chemicals directly into the atmosphere.

Case Study 2: Skip Hire Derby

Derby is another forwardthinking part of the UK, not quite as advanced as Stoke-on-Trent but nonetheless they are making a big strides to reduce the amount of rubbish that they send to landfill. Skip hire Derby companies are currently in talk with local government in order to come up with ways that they can work together to reduce the carbon footprint of recycling office waste in the areas. Believe it or not some of the biggest contributors to landfill aren’t domestic houses but rather our industrial companies and general offices in the area.